Saturday, February 27, 2010

American Thinker: Prosecuted for Saving A Girl's Life

American Thinker: Prosecuted for Saving A Girl's Life

Sometimes our drive to be politically correct places others in mortal danger. There is no doubt that the father, or brothers, of an apostate would say anything, tell any lie and act as deceptively as necessary before any authority in order to get their hands on an apostate so they could, as demanded in the Koran, kill her. It is a crime that is all too common in the Muslim world. That is reality.

But political correctness demands that we ignore reality and replace it with an alternative universe where everyone acts according to preconceived constructs of honor, truth and peace. Unfortunately man does not live in that sort of universe.

Whoever aided this girl did save her life. Whoever prosecutes that person has little or no common sense or decency.

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