Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ryan on Democratic Health Care Budget Gimmicks

The problem that the president failed to overcome today was the public's knowledge that there is something basically wrong with a bill that is so large and complex that neither they nor the people who are voting on it completely understand it or comprehend the changes that it will make in their lives. Obama sought to sell the plan based on his assurances that it is the best thing for America. In that he failed.

Americans do want changes in the health care system but they don't want the government to take control of the system. Therein lies the problem: Democrats, being liberal-progressive-socialists at heart, cannot conceive of making a change to the health care system without fundamentally changing the face of America. They believe in their souls that America is best served by a nanny government that makes the decisions for them because the people are just too stupid to handle it themselves.

They also believe that they, as the ruling elite, have a mission to take charge of the proletariat in order to ensure that there is equal outcome for all. In that they agree completely with Marx.

Republicans, having been the recipient of two consecutive spankings (2006 and 2008) by the people for having forgotten their conservative roots have finally listened to the people and are doing their best to say not only a principled "No!" but "Hell No!" to Obamacare. Hopefully their efforts to block the bill will succeed.

Follow the link for some interesting points on the lies told by the liberal-progressive-socialists in trying to sell the plan.

Then contact your Senators and your Representative and tell them "Not only no, but Hell No!"

And do it every day.

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