Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama puts forward $1 trillion health care plan

Even AP can't believe that all President Obama did was put the Senate and House bills on steroids and present it as the way to go.  He'll try to say it is bi-partisan but it's anything but.

It will allow federally funded abortions.

It will cut Medicare/Medicaid.

It will cut services.

It will cost $1 trillion too much.

He makes a big play to say that he wants to keep the health insurance companies from raising their rates as Anthem Blue Cross did in California a little over a week ago (but then they backed down after the publicity).  But why hasn't the Left Stream Media identified the California State Insurance Commissioner who approved and signed-off on the raise?  Or is it possible that was "theater" to help promote the president's bill?

Contact your Representatives and Senators immediately.  It's time to tell them that their jobs are on the line.

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