Thursday, January 13, 2011

Palin and the Blood Libel

Warning:  This women causes liberals to have nightmares!  (Now isn't that sweet?)  
Sarah Palin's use of the term 'blood libel' is still being trumpeted by the left as a major faux pas that is unsurpassed in the political history of the United States.  The left would love people to believe that and naturally, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jonathan Tobin writing for the Jewish World Review has addressed the issue and I'd like to say that it's now been put to rest.  Unfortunately, knowing the foaming-at-the-mouth ardor of the leftists when it comes to Palin, it is unlikely to stop.  Self-certified journalists like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will continue to raise the issue in tones that would suggest that a serious sin against God has been committed when in reality the only sin committed by Sarah Palin is that she literally scares the far left to death.  They are so fearful of her actually becoming President--and she's not yet running for the office--that they are wetting their beds at night in fear.  What are they afraid of you ask?  Simple.  She's the antithesis of everything that the left believes in.  She's a wife and mother who doesn't believe in abortion.  She has successfully run a state as the governor (don't bother jumping up and shouting that she resigned as that's a non-issue).  She displays uncommon common sense for a politician.  She can hunt, shoot a rifle or a shotgun and is comfortable helping butcher a deer, elk or caribou for meat.  She believes in God and is unafraid to say so.  She is a Conservative.  She has succeeded without the shrill screeches of the National Organization for Women (which really isn't unless the women are liberals who believe in abortion).  In other words, Sarah Palin does everything but pass the left's litmus test on what a successful woman is and that's why they hate her.

Follow the link for the true Jewish perspective on the term "blood libel" as opposed to the politically-driven, leftist perspective on using anything possible to attack Sarah Palin.

(Amazing, isn't it, that the leftist Democrats are so fixated on destroying one person that they will pedantically repeat lies as if they were truths and expect the public to believe them?)

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