Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blaming the Right for the Giffords Attack Is Pure McCarthyism

George Will is always an excellent read and this one is spot on.

In the wake of the shooting the immediate move of the liberal left was not concern for the victims but positioning for political advantage.  The Democrat leadership and the left-wing blogosphere and the Left Stream Media, aided by the clearly addled Sheriff of Pima County, began an immediate attack on Sarah Palin, the TEA Party, talk radio (obviously conservative talk radio as liberal talk radio has been an abysmal failure) and Fox News.  They attacked Sarah Palin and the TEA Party because they fear her and them.  They attacked talk radio because it airs ideas that oppose their leftist meme.  They attack Fox News because it hasn't fallen in line with the slavish adoration of Barack Obama as best demonstrated by MSNBC.  (There are no more ardent or slavish sycophants of Barack Obama on the airwaves unless, of course, you want to count CNN as a whole.)

The script is now plain for all to see.  They will continue to point fingers at the political right in hopes of at least demonizing them and at best causing them to hesitate or pull punches in their political arguments out of a fantasy-land-fear that their debate has caused an individual to take violent action.  While doing this they will trot out the tried and worn-out arguments for gun control, restrictions on political speech and additional spending for security for the members of Congress.  (That will come in handy at future Town Hall meetings when they want to keep TEA Party members out and have only compliant crowds.)  Their end goal, of course, is domination rather than clear political discourse.

To be sure, the political discourse in America is loud and, at times, raucous.  It is supposed to be because when it is completely controlled by either side the result is not for the good of We the People.  I've often said that the 1st Amendment is a beautiful thing because it helps us to more easily identify who the idiots are and that has never been more true than today.  We have an aged Sheriff, clearly in his dotage, who instead of being the Law Enforcement Officer with 50 years of experience calming the community and assuring them that the evidence is being gathered properly and they are safe, launches into an unsupported, and unsupportable, diatribe against the political right thus shifting the blame from the defendant.

We have a New York Times that just over a year ago when a Muslim Army Officer shouted, "Allah akhbar!" as he began shooting and killing fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, counseled that we shouldn't jump to conclusions about his motivation but should wait for the facts, now immediately jumping to conclusions in the absence of any supporting facts.  (As did all those on the left, including our dear leader.  Pity they never bothered to say, "Oops, you were right.  He is a Muslim terrorist acting in concert with other terrorists.)

We have Democrat politicians who have yet to shake a medieval mind-set that imparts motive and action to inanimate objects again trotting out tried and failed gun-control policies thinking, I suppose, that We the People are so stupid as to not remember that they just didn't work the last time they were tried and won't work this time.  (Of course, they've always opposed the 2nd Amendment and aren't about to change just because of a little ole' Supreme Court decision.  Remember, these are the same Democrat politicians who urge collective guilt for an individual's crimes because it's society's fault that the individual was forced to kill somebody.)

We have Democrat and liberal-left strategists working feverishly and overtime to fulfill the dictum of Rahm Emanuel that one should "never let a crisis go to waste."

Fortunately, I don't believe the American people are as dumb or sheepish as the liberal-left believes.

Follow the link for an excellent read from George Will.

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