Sunday, January 16, 2011

Media Myth Busted: 'Americans View Palin as More Sincere and Believable After Watching Speech'

Will she run?  And if she does, can she appeal to the Great Middle--the Independents--of the political spectrum.  
As I write this I still see the chattering class on TV trying to dissect Sarah Palin's video.  It amazes me that they--both on the right and on the left--still struggle mightily to find ways to discredit Palin and maintain their air of superiority in all things pertaining to man.

It is unbelievable that the chattering class would have such a totally different view from the Americans polled as reported in the linked article but it is clear that they do.  I suppose, as part of the elite, they do know better than everyone else.  I actually kind of like Sarah Palin partially because of the low-lifes who have been attacking her the last few years--just check-out the photo-shopped photos of her on the net to see how imbecilic the ad hominem attacks have been--and partially because what she says in her speeches and in the video does resonate.  I don't know about her for President but, considering the current occupant, she looks good to me.  However, that she looks good to me is not important.  It is how she looks to Independents that matters because the party that can secure the Independent vote will secure the White House.

Follow the link and make up your minds for yourselves.

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