Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call for Bipartisan Seating at the State of the Union

Let's have everybody sit together so it's not so obvious how much support our dear leader has lost.  We wouldn't want him to begin to doubt himself, now would we?  Well, would we?  

Once again Michelle Malkin's blog highlights a move by liberals and RINOs that is designed to weaken opposition to President Obama during and after his upcoming State of the Union Address.  Republicans who sign on to this proposal might as well form their own "Lapdog Caucus" because they are playing right into the Community-Organizer-in-Chief's hands.

Think about it.  This will be the first State of the Union since the Democrat's were so soundly repudiated last November.  Obama is politically weakened by the defeat but in order for him to regain the initiative he must water down the appearance of defeat when he appears before Congress.  Last year with the Democrats in control more than half the chamber was giving him standing ovations when he laid waste to Republican opposition and insulted the Supreme Court.  He is desperate to not look weakened during this year's speech so he and his Regime have come up with the novel let-us-all-sit-together-to-show-unity idea on the heals of Tucson and some overly sensitive RINOs have already signed on.  They might as well join the Democrats in a chorus of Kumbaya as they roll-over to have their tummy's scratched.

The impact of having the Republican-side of the aisle clearly and purposely sit on it's hands during those parts of the State of the Union that are clearly written to promote Obama's agenda is not only necessary, but required by the electorate.  The Republican majority came about not because we wanted everyone in Washington to just be friends and cooperate in what heretofore has been a program of bankrupting our nation to promote an agenda that is abhorrent to an increasing majority of We the People.  We the People want Obama to look out at his shrinking support, see the reality seated before him and realize that his ideas have been wrong and that he needs to reverse course.  The proposed interspersed seating dilutes the impact of November's election and gives the appearance that the victory by the Republican's was not a statement by the electorate that Washington is taking seriously.  It says that Obama is still as politically strong as he was last year when nothing could be further from the truth.  Most importantly for Obama, however, it preserves his ego and allows him to deceive himself as to the correctness of his actions during his first two years in office.

And if those Republicans who have already signed on to this idea don't get it, they should remember that they will again come up for election and this time the electorate will be really upset.

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