Saturday, January 8, 2011

Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

"I know who you are now and what you wrote.  Now I'm gonna show you how we take care of the enemy in Chicago."  

American's have long objected to a Federal Government-controlled centralized data base for firearms because of concerns that an overreaching politician in the not-necessarily-so-far-distant future would use it to confiscate the arms of private citizens in violation of the 2nd Amendment.  Now we have an overreaching politician who is moving to seize control of the internet through innocuous sounding programs like "Net Neutrality" and now "Internet ID."  It's all being proposed by his "Czars" of course and we can count on him to blandly assure us that he won't allow anyone to interfere with our right to communicate our political ideas via the internet.  He may even issue a nice sounding Executive Order forbidding the use of the information to identify his political opposition which he refers to as "the enemy."

We have to ask ourselves:  Are we willing to trust a man who has lied constantly since elected with our 1st Amendment rights?  Well, are we?

I think not.  We're not ready for a Statist Regime that controls every aspect of our lives and tells us what to think and eat.  It's not 1984...and never will be.

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