Saturday, January 22, 2011

WikiLeaks lawyer vows to prosecute Palin if she goes to Australia

Julian Assange:  International Man of Mystery who was evidently attempting to live out a 'James Bond' fantasy and ended up being charged with sex crimes.  
It's not at all about whether Sarah Palin violated Australian law for even though Australia has some very weird ideas about crime (they still send people to debtor's prison there and you can't defend yourself in your own home).  It's about jumping on the liberal band-wagon to get publicity for a client whose story has begun to disappear from the headlines.  (In case you missed it, the weasel has signed a book deal that's been optioned for a movie already.  Things like this help make money.)  But lawyers being lawyers he managed to get a couple of paragraphs in an Alaskan newspaper.  (I'm not sure what would upset me more:  My daughter bringing home a Democrat or a lawyer to meet her parents?  I'll have to think about that.)

But the WikiLeaks lawyer can say what he wants.  That's the beauty of the 1st Amendment in the U.S. Constitution (obviously something our Australian cousins don't follow much less understand).  Allowing people to speak up makes it ever so much easier to spot the idiots.  I'll leave it to you to make your mind up as to who is the idiot in this instance.

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