Saturday, January 22, 2011

Obama recalls Roe v. Wade, backs abortion rights

An unborn baby just 20-weeks after conception.  Look at the hands, the mouth, the nose, the eye the leg then tell me that this is just cellular material.  
Roe v. Wade:  A construct of the Constitution created by liberal minds on the Supreme Court that holds the Constitution provides a woman with the right to kill her baby because it has committed the unfortunate "crime" of being inconvenient.  The same liberal minds that created that fantasy also created the construct that the death penalty for one convicted of murder is unconstitutional because it is cruel and unusual punishment.  The dichotomy between the two positions is ever so stark. Even worse, in this case, is that Obama is on record as being in favor of partial birth abortions.  You know, the kind allegedly practiced by the now infamous Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.  (See: )  The reality of the situation is that in the world of liberals you can be killed for being inconvenient, but not for being a multiple murderer or a treasonous traitor.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I find it amazing that the people who are most loudly in favor of abortion are those that have already been born and those who are most in need of protection by the judges and justices, but are denied that protection, are those innocents who can't yet speak in their own behalf.  I can only take heart in the fact that those who approve of and promote this type of infanticide will face judgement in the afterlife.  

I think I'll go find t-shirts for all my children that read:  "I SURVIVED ROE V. WADE!"

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