Monday, August 2, 2010

Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds

This is what We the People want.
This story shows just how bad our current Federal Immigration system is and why Arizona needed to pass their own law mirroring the Federal statute.  This should not happen.  This man should have been in jail but he was out on his own recognizance because immigration judges are known to have very soft hearts.

The Federal Government is failing in one of the basic duties that it owes to the legal residents and citizens of this country.  The Federal Government is failing to provide for the security of the country.  We have an military that is unmatched by any on the globe yet we fear terrorists and illegal alien criminals in our own country because the Obama Regime–the Democrats–refuse to take the action necessary to protect our borders.  They do so to court their Hispanic base in hopes of an electoral victory in November.  The Democrats are famous for doing things that they believe are for the betterment of all.  They tout "Social Justice" and pontificate how Conservatives are racist for opposing immigrants.

They lie, of course.  Conservatives don't oppose immigration.  Conservatives oppose illegal immigration.  There is a significant difference.

The nun in the linked story, Sister Denise Mosier, is now dead because an illegal alien who should have been deported was allowed to continue roaming our streets.  The President won't take time from his busy schedule of golf and vacation to eulogize her–she was, after all, just a Catholic nun–and the Democrat controlled Congress and the Left Stream Media won't demand an investigation as to why she had to die.  She is just an unintended consequence of a policy that is pursued in hopes of securing political power by utilizing racial minorities as voting blocks.

Isn't it time this was stopped?  Isn't it time to shame our Senators and Representatives for what they are doing to the nation?  Isn't it time to insist that we return to a nation where power comes from the people, not the ruling class, and laws are obeyed?
This is what the illegal aliens want.

Follow the link for the story.
This is the crux of the argument.

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