Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Developer: Mosque Could Accommodate 1,000 Worshippers

What they plan in their own words.
Last Sunday in the New York Slime, Frank Rich issued the talking points for Neo-Lib Democrats on the Ground Zero Mosque when he stressed that it wasn't going to be a mosque but a "cultural center."  He should have begun the story, "Once upon a time..."

My 4-year old daughter will tell you, "Liberals are liars."  If a 4-year old is astute enough to know that then adults should also be able to handle the truth.  Fortunately, about 80% of Americans across the board have seen the truth and don't want the mosque placed near Ground Zero.  There is that 20% who have their minds stored in some dark, dank place that removes it from reality that support the building of the Ground Zero mosque.  They do so with chins held high as they chant "It's Constitutionally protected!"

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The right to worship, or not, is a protected right.  There is no right to build anywhere you want.  There is no right to erect an edifice to murder and mayhem within spitting distance of hallowed ground and that is what the Ground Zero mosque is intended to be.  The Imam says that he is a bridge builder.  If that were true, he would have dropped the plans to build the mosque weeks ago for his plan doesn't build any type of bridge.  It builds a wall.

In order to read the truth about what the developer plans you have to go to a foreign newspaper, of course, as the Left Stream Media in the United States is living in a fantasy world that is completely divorced from reality.  In this case The Weekly Standard provides the true story.

Follow the link for the truth.

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