Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SALT IN THE WOUND written by Rita W. Jones

The true aim of the Cordoba Center.
The Neo-Lib Democrat Left keeps throwing the 1st Amendment to the Constitution in the air which is really ironic since they've done everything they could to create a completely secular state while destroying the Christian religion's influence in America. Even more ironic is that at the same time this is going on, a Greek Orthodox Church that pre-existed the World Trade Center that was destroyed when a tower fell on it is denied the right to rebuild by the same New York City government and mayor that is falling all over itself to assist the Cordoba Project.

Once and for all, this is not about religion. It's about sensitivity and if the Imam behind this mosque and community center were really trying to build bridges, he would not have planned to put it there but somewhere else where it wouldn't offend the victims and families of those murdered by 19 Islamic-fascist terrorists on 9/11.

What those who falsely cry "freedom of religion" fail to understand is that Islam is more than just religion. Religion is just one part of a whole that includes the political. It is the political Islam that is pushing for the Cordoba Project. This will be looked at by Islamo-fascists around the world as their monument to 9/11 and the 19 who died to further the Islamic political cause. This is their flag on Mt. Suribachi that will spur their fighters on in the war they declared to establish a new caliphate that controls the entire world. We are not at war with Islam the religion but political Islam is at war with us.

This is something that anyone with common sense will oppose. Only la-la land Neo-Libs support it.

Remember that this coming November.

UPDATE:  The new YouTube video is linked above.  Follow the link to watch.  


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