Monday, November 9, 2009

World Leaders Celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Unlike my wife and children, I remember when the Berlin Wall first went up (1961). I remember the Cold War, "duck and cover," and home bomb shelters in the hinterlands of the United States. I remember watching it fall in 1989 with tears of joy in my eyes. Seeing the Wall--a visible symbol of oppression--knocked down by Germans who would no longer stand for the artificial division of their country by the failed ideology of Communism was breathtaking. The Cold War was over and had been won by the forces of good. People were once again free.

I note that President Obama just doesn't have the time to be there today. There is nothing in it for his Chicago cronies and, I suppose, he didn't look on the falling of the Berlin Wall with the same joy as the rest of us. His friends and mentors surely saw it in a different light considering that they espoused the same ideology as those who erected the wall in the first place. In the back of their minds was probably the thought, "We could do it better here in the U.S."

I wonder what is in the back of President Obama's mind this day as he tries to send us on the path to socialism and reduce the freedom available to Americans?

Your thoughts?

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