Monday, November 9, 2009

Fatal Correctness

Fatal Correctness

Political correctness, fostered by the liberal-progressive ideal of multi-culteralism, is a main supporting cause of the murders. Multi-culturalism is a creation of the liberal-progressive left that focuses on the destruction of the American culture. The liberal-progressive-socialist left hates the American culture because with it in place they have no hope of seizing control of the country and creating their worker's paradise. Other cultures are more amenable to the central control of the government by a ruling elite. Thus the American culture must be destroyed if they are to be successful in instituting their soft tyranny and the destroying the very liberties that have made America great.

It is clear to me that the liberal-progressive-socialists were raised to be ashamed of American success. This shame was polished and praised by ultra-liberal professors and a Main Stream Media (MSM) that thrived not on promoting success but on trumpeting failure. And if there was no failure to trumpet, then they were all to happy to create it by promoting asinine theories on why we were oppressors and not loved by the rest of the world. A lie they repeated for years until it took hold and people regarded it as a fact. The reality, however, is that people during those same years were lining-up in front of our Embassies hoping for a visa to come to America. People still sneak across our borders daily in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Something they cannot do in those many countries that, according to the MSM, hate us.

I'm not concerned that tin-pot dictators like Chavez or Castro hate the United States. And clearly the cultures that they espouse are inferior to our own. If this wasn't true, then the lines for visas would be in front of their Embassies and not in front of our own. But in order to get around the obvious, the liberal-progressive-socialists came up with "multi-culturalism," a back-handed way of saying that other cultures are as good as our own.

It is a lie, of course. If it weren't then the United States wouldn't be as prosperous as it is. We wouldn't be the leading world power. We wouldn't be the constant target of tin-pot dictators who fear that our culture will take hold in their tiny, poverty-ridden countries and lead to their people rising-up against them.

In this context it is very true that multi-culturalism and political correctness are at the center of the root causes of the Ft. Hood massacre. We are too worried about the sensitivities of others at the risk of our own freedom and culture and this idea that we must defer to foreign cultures instead of promoting our own is an absolute abomination.

We should never ask anyone to forget where they came from but we must remind them to remember where they are. They should strive to join our culture and learn our language or return to whence they came. The bottom line is that immigrants should become Americans with no hyphen before the "American."

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