Wednesday, March 10, 2010

National ID Card Being Considered By Senators

National ID Card Being Considered By Senators

Neither of these two Senators are friends of liberty. One, Chuck Schumer, is a liberal-progressive-socialist Democrat from New York and the other, Lindsey Graham, is a liberal-progressive-socialist Republican, or RINO, from South Carolina. Both are shining examples of the worst in our Senate and should be turned out by the voters at the earliest opportunity.

What they are proposing, under the fraudulent guise of immigration reform, is nothing less than a National ID Card. Why should a U.S. citizen be required to produce a bio-metric identification card in order to get a job? The Supreme Court has ruled that we do not have to carry identification when we are walking down the street yet these two have planned a way to force a National ID card on Americans through the back door. 

If either of these men work for you, contact them and tell them just how stupid their idea is.

Contact them today.

Follow the link for the story.

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