Saturday, March 6, 2010 - Three States Sue EPA Over Global Warming Ruling - Three States Sue EPA Over Global Warming Ruling

Given the history of the EPA and its' current politicization under the Obama Administration, I think there is a very good case for stripping the EPA of about 90% of its' budget and 90% of its' regulatory power.  It is now known by everyone but the most ardent worshippers of the Church of Global Warming under Pastor AlGore that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a complete fraud and hoax.  That the EPA is still pursuing the control of carbon dioxide can only mean one of two things:  1. The level of EPA employee intelligence has sunk to the point where they would be defeated in the first round of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader"; or, 2.  They are staffed and led by environmental political activists who look on Earth Liberation Front terrorists as patriots.

Either way the EPA, created to help the country, is now part of a cancer that threatens to harm the nation in the name of a mythical "greater good" that just doesn't exist.

It's time for the nation to harm the EPA through budget reductions and curtailment instead.

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