Friday, March 5, 2010

Brutal DEA agent murder reminder of agency priority

I remember Kiki Camarena well.  He was a very good man.  Intensely serious about the job and someone you knew you could count on to be there when needed.

I was in Thailand when he died and it doesn't seem like 25 years ago to me.  Unfortunately, little has changed since his death.  Mexico is still rife with corruption.  The government is still ineffective.  The people are still poor.  They still resent the United States for having been successful where they have basically failed.  Their only hope for success is the bogus reconquista movement but, even if that were a reality, their culture of corruption would lead to the same poverty in the reconquered areas that are now in the United States.

Kiki's death is remembered by those of us who carried the same badge but the politicians clearly have forgotten.  To them he is yesterday's news and won't help in their re-election campaigns this November.  Likewise with the war on drugs.  The politicians have abdicated their leadership and have consistently cut the heart out of what I believe is one of the best law enforcement organizations at the Federal level.  Drugs are available just about everywhere because they, the politicians, just don't care to really address the problem.  The "progressive" answer is, of course, to adopt a more relaxed attitude towards drugs because it's easier to control a people that are high than those who are attached to reality.

Kiki exemplified the courage and dedication of all DEA Special Agents.  He gave his life for his country.  He will not be forgotten.

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