Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Thinker: The 'Progressives' Are Really 'Oppressives'

American Thinker: The 'Progressives' Are Really 'Oppressives'

You may have noticed that I always refer to the left as "liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats"--although I think that Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) is a good example of a liberal-progressive-socialist on the right. I do this because for all of my adult life they just called themselves "liberal;" but that has changed in the last couple of years and the left now prefers the term "progressive" (which is something history shows us that they used to call themselves). I add "socialist" because that's the path on which they strive to put America. See, it's simple. They are liberal-progressive-socialists. But in truth, the left is oppressive as the linked piece points out. They are for "rights and liberty" but only as they define them and they are willing to trample on the rights and liberties of others to get those rights. Even worse, they constantly redefine "rights" and it is now an ever expanding term for anything that gives them pleasure, profit or power. The term "fascist" would also fit the "liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats" because in order to ensure their new socialism, they will have to insert central (federal) government control over the people to the point that you will need the appropriate papers just to get a job. It should be noted that Senator Chuck-you Schumer, (D-NY) and the above mentioned Lindsey Graham have decided to institute a modern version of "papers" in the form of a biometric ID card that will need to be presented if you want to get a job. They are doing this through the "backdoor" so to speak--such an apt word for what Congress has been doing and plans to do to the American people--under the guise of Immigration Reform.

The rights set forth by the Founding Fathers were encompassed in the phrase, ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and these were "unalienable" and were given to us by the Creator and not by any government on this earth. It is notable that they did not set forth a right to equal outcome for, indeed, to do so would have been an anathema to the Founders. Instead, they strove to ensure that all had the right to prosper and advance as far as their God-given talents and work ethic would let them. The idea that the federal government should provide for the actual health care of the people would have puzzled the Founders for they believed that each individual had the right to determine his own path, thus his own medical care.

The current Congress, under the leadership of Speaker Nancy "Call me Nanny" Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry "This War is Lost" Reid, and backed by Barack Obama, is doing all it can to reverse the idea of individual freedom of choice and insert the government into every facet of the private lives of Americans. They speak in glowing terms of "doing what is right" for all Americans but in truth they are playing a political shell game with our liberty and the future of our children. It is now clear that when Barack Obama spoke of making a fundamental change in America, he was telling the truth. And the truth is that his "fundamental change" involves the destruction of the America that our Forefathers wrought with their courage, determination, blood and honor.

The current health care plan, termed Obamacare, is fraught not only with hidden costs and the theft of freedom, but is a direct assault on what is widely (meaning around the world) acknowledged as the best medical care system in the world. That assault will succeed if we let it and in the end, there will still be people who are not given the health care they need but it will be different people than those who lack health care now. Instead of those on welfare and illegal aliens who don't have insurance it will be the very young and the elderly. It will be those who are not deemed "worthwhile" to continue because the cost-benefit analysis just doesn't come out in their favor.

The problem is that government bureaucrats just don't care about the people. They care about their paycheck and what time they get to go home. They care about their parking spaces and whether the person in the next cubicle is doing just as much paperwork as they are. And as they slowly do the paperwork that will be necessary for any health care procedure, they will look for ways to deny that procedure because success in the government depends on how often you can say "no" in the government's favor. It is no wonder that the health insurer with the highest denial of benefits rate of all health insurers in the United States is Medicare. Medicare denies 6.8% of all claims made and is still subject to billions in fraudulent claims each year. For comparison, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, one of the health insurance companies demonized by Barack Obama and his minions, denies just over 2%. Tell me, which one do you want making decisions for you? Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Medicare? You'd best think about it carefully because if Obamacare passes, with its $500 billion in Medicare cuts, those Medicare employees now doing the paperwork to deny 6.8% of the claims who are displaced will slide smoothly over to the new and not improved Obamacare program. After all, it is the government and they have the direct work related experience in the government that will be a requirement for the positions needed to run Obamacare. Think about it and think about the care denied to the elderly to make their remaining years more comfortable and enjoyable.

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