Thursday, March 11, 2010

ABC Pushes View Whites Should Not Adopt Black Children |

ABC Pushes View Whites Should Not Adopt Black Children |

If a conservative or Republican–they aren't always the same–said this he or she would immediately be labeled a racist.

Dr. King would have rejected this line of reasoning for what he advocated was the obliteration of the use of the color of a person's skin as a determining factor at all levels. Unfortunately, thanks to the racial divides nourished by the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats as a way to ensure votes and, ultimately, political power, that has yet to be realized. Until we can look past skin color and view human beings based on the content of their character rather than as a voting block to be pandered to, Dr. King's dream will remain just a dream.

It's time to reject the idea that people are different based purely on the color of their skin. It is time to look beyond race and put it behind us and that can be done effectively only within the framework of the Constitution given to us by our Founding Fathers.

I would urge you to read the Constitution and support it. I would urge you to reject the race-based acquisition of political power by liberal-progressive-socialists who wish to continue the economic enslavement of minorities by promoting their economic dependence on the government rather than on their own God given talents. True liberty allows all to progress. Equality is best achieved through the equality of opportunity and not through the equality of outcome for people should never be made comfortable in their poverty.

Follow the link for how the liberal-progressive media looks at the issue of race.

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