Friday, November 5, 2010

Krauthammer: 'Obama Agenda is Dead,' 'He Tried a 2-Year Experiment in Hyper-Liberalism and the Country Has said No'

Krauthammer: 'Obama Agenda is Dead,' 'He Tried a 2-Year Experiment in Hyper-Liberalism and the Country Has said No'

A friend emailed me a short clip of Jay Leno's The Best of Jaywalking and it was truly hilarious. What was revealed was not the ignorance of a select few individuals but the state of education in America and how it has prepared an entire generation for little more than following the latest fad or fashion. And we all know it's true as we encounter people every day that would be no more able to answer the simple questions posed by Jay than fly by the power of their arms alone. It is sobering to realize that these people vote. They vote not with a decision rooted in history or an appreciation for future implications but with what feels good based on the recommendations of their favorite entertainer, what a friend said in passing or how they reacted to the latest negative campaign ad. (Which is why negative campaigning is so effective.)

I remember that during the voting in the 2008 campaign, for instance, that voters were interviewed on who they voted for and asked some simple questions. It amazed me the amount of disinformation they believed to be true. For instance, it was Tina Fey who said, "I can see Russia from my house." and not Sarah Palin, but they all attributed it to Palin. And some could not even name President Obama's running mate (it was Joe Biden for the liberally challenged out there). Even more recently in the latest election I encountered a woman, a clearly Catholic, elderly Filipina who had taken American citizenship, who stated strongly that she was going to vote for the Democrat candidate despite his very pro-abortion stance which the Catholic Church, and all good Catholics so oppose. She rejected the Republican candidate saying, "He (the Democrat) may be for abortion but that doesn't matter. The other guy is a killer!" She had seen and believed the lying attack ads put out by the Democrat party in the closing weeks of the campaign. I smiled and didn't bother to argue with her because I realized long ago that you lose when you try to argue with an ignorant person because they will always drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

The death of hyper-liberalism sounds wonderful to Conservative ears but, like the vampires of lore, hyper-liberalism never really dies. Given the opportunity the stake will be pulled out of its heart by those who haven't been educated to think but only to follow the crowd and look cool. Obama's ideas have been discredited many times in many countries over not just decades but centuries. One only has to look at what really happened in Cuba to see the truth but seeing is not realizing. You have to remember that there are those who actually believe Michael Moore's docu-fiction films. Hyper-liberalism can only be contained by constant vigilance and ensuring that, despite the worst efforts of our educators to turn our children into unthinking, liberal zombies with high self-esteem, we impart the wisdom of history and common sense to them before turning them loose on the world.

Follow the link for an excellent piece from Dr. Krauthammer. And enjoy the video below.  It's classic Leno at his best.

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