Thursday, November 4, 2010

AARP Selling Out Seniors Again

AARP was on board early supporting Obamacare and the Obama agenda.  Clearly they were using AARP dues to further their own political interests which were progressive/liberal in nature.  During the debate on Obamacare they lent their organization's name and reputation in support of socialized medicine trumpeting lies about cost reductions and future free care.  They lied when they said that Obamacare would improve Medicare and Medicaid.  They wholeheartedly endorsed Obama, Reid and Pelosi's socialist agenda.

As a result the American Seniors Organization was created as an alternative.  Never has that alternative been more needed for not a day goes by that AARP doesn't advertise on national TV about their great health plan to pick-up the difference between the 80% paid by Medicare and the total bill.  Again, their avarice is plain for all to see for they knew from the beginning that Obamacare was not in the best interests of Senior Citizens in America.  They have taken the money, now they want more, and they are stabbing the Senior Citizens in the back to increase their profits.

Now the truth is coming out.  AARP has begun notifying its policy holders that their premiums, paid for out of retirements that have been under assault as a result of the Neo-Lib Democrat programs that have severely damaged America's economy rather than repairing the damage that they arranged beginning when they took control of Congress in January 2007, are going up.  Senior Citizens living on fixed incomes will have to pay more to ensure AARP's profitability so they can continue to support and make political donations to the very people who enacted programs to make Senior Citizen's lives, and the lives of their grand children, harder and more impoverished.

Seniors should tear-up their AARP cards and move over to the American Seniors Organization. At least that group really does care about Senior Citizens.

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