Monday, November 15, 2010

Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area

It's time we told CAIR and Rage Boy just where they can put their ideas and their fatwas.
If the feigned leftist-based outrage over the full body scan weren't enough now we have Council on American Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR even though we know they don't, in homage to Shari'ah law, advocating that Muslim women be treated differently than non-Muslim women.  And they do this knowing that terrorists have a track record of using the burqa to move about unnoticed and to hide explosives and weapons.  Hmmmm...something is rotten in Denmark (other than their own dhimmitude status) as there is no reason for any deferential treatment of Muslim women or men.  They have the same rights as non-Muslims, not superior rights as CAIR advocates, and if they want to fly they must clear security otherwise they can walk or ride to their destination on some other form of transport that can't be used as a method of mass destruction.   Clearly CAIR has chosen a side in the War on Terror and guess isn't ours.  Is that really a surprise to anyone out there?

And where are the so-called moderate Muslims?  Are they calling out CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and telling them to go back home and leave America alone?  Don't hold your breath on that one.  It hasn't happened yet...or maybe it has but the Left Stream Media doesn't think it's news and certainly doesn't want to anger CAIR and the Brotherhood by broadcasting it.

I have gone through the full body scanner in my travels and, knowing the problems of protecting an aircraft once it's in the air, I'm all for anything and everything that can ensure that no one takes an unauthorized weapon on board that aircraft.  And that includes the crew although I see no reason for them to go through the same lines with the passengers.

Our problem is now two-fold.  First, we have the natural human characteristic to forget things as time passes.  While acknowledging 9/11, for instance, we forget the awful feeling in our gut as we saw the planes hitting the World Trade Center.  And because the 3 major Left Stream Media outlets have determined the footage to be "incendiary," we forget the horror of seeing people forced to jump to their deaths or be burned to death because they won't show the footage on TV.  They want us to forget.

Second, knowing that the Left Stream Media is now cowed and afraid of becoming the direct target of terrorists if they broadcast opposition to their message, groups like CAIR actively push the envelope to expand the influence of Shari'ah and their own political agenda of deconstructing America and its Constitution.

The question is:  Will we let them?

Follow the link for CAIR's latest abomination of reasoning.

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