Sunday, November 28, 2010

‘Blue Bloods’ rerun beats Barack Obama in the ratings

Blue Bloods: An excellent show that deserves to have a good time slot.
There is an explanation for this.

I've always liked, as do most people, Tom Selleck as an actor; but have never met Selleck the man.  Somehow, though, I don't think that Selleck the man is all that far removed from Selleck the actor.  Like many of the most enjoyable stars of the past, Selleck brings a lot of himself to his roles which makes his character not only believable but eminently likable.  His new project, Blue Bloods does not disappoint at all and while I usually avoid police dramas like a plague, I must admit:  I like Blue Bloods.  A lot.  It shows the human side of law enforcement without the asinine Hollywood-liberal moralizing that we're faced with in otherwise good shows like Law and Order.  The drama is good and balanced by the proper amount of good, cop-family humor.

Obama is likable enough in this public persona; but Obama, on the other hand, does not play himself.  After all this time we are still wondering just exactly who he is.  He shows us only what he thinks we want to see and fails miserably.  His acting is wooden although I will admit that he has a certain skill in reading a speech from a teleprompter.  What's even worse is that his story-line can only be followed if one is willing to completely suspend disbelief.

I do hope Blue Bloods is picked-up by the networks because it's an enjoyable show with a great cast led by a consummate actor.  On the other hand, I pray the American voters do not renew Obama's tele-novella because of it's tedious assault on the basic rights of We the People and the Constitution.  We the People, you see, love good fiction...just not from our politicians.

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I've always liked Selleck in his Cowboy roles.  Obama, ehhhhh, not so much.

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