Saturday, November 20, 2010

#3 Boise State Rolls Over Fresno St. 51-0

It hurts an Idaho alumni to say it but there is no doubt that this team should play for the National Championship.
This was the first time Fresno State has been shut-out in 12 years.

It gives me no great pleasure to report on this as I graduated from an arch-rival of Boise State's:  The University of Idaho.  But my oldest son did play for Boise State about 16 years ago so I have some affinity for them.

As I've watched the ratings it appears to me that Boise State, having had a weekend off early in the season, was shorted in the ratings because although they were undefeated--and magnificently so--they've been playing one win short of the leaders (#1 Oregon and #2 Auburn) all season.  Both those teams were off this weekend so now Boise State essentially matches them with 10 straight wins (Auburn has won 11 and Oregon 10) this season.  Boise State's win streak goes back 3 seasons however and last year they beat Oregon.  But Oregon has been rated #1 and Boise State #3.  Go figure.

But don't take my word for it.  Follow the link and read the AP article and pay attention to what Fresno State coach Pat Hill has to say.  He speaks the truth.

Then wonder about the "human factor" in the BCS.

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