Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conservatives burn over Fred Upton's light bulb law

The ultimate end to Fred Upton's programs: The inmates will be in charge.
I wonder why Conservatives would be against the new lightbulb law that outlaws incandescent light bulbs in the very near future?

Could it be that Conservatives object to a law that has moved all lightbulb production overseas thus closing American factories and eliminating American jobs?

Could it be that Conservatives, thinking the problem through, realize that the new law causes more environmental problems than it solves with its mandating of mercury-using CFL bulbs which cause a hazmat problem when they break?

Could it be that Conservatives believe that the federal government is over-reaching when it dictates the amount of water our toilets can use to flush, what kind of light we can use to read or light our bathrooms?

Could be.

Representative Fred Upton is clearly a Republican in Name Only and he just doesn't get it.  He needs to be replaced right along with the rest of the Progressive Liberals in 2012.  Don't forget his name and donate to his opponent before they actually do create a "Green Police."

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