Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes, the Health Care Bill Does Allow Abortion Funding

Obama lies when he says that Obamacare won't fund abortions.  Of course it will because that's the way the Senate designed it!

I'm getting tired of being lied to by politicians like Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Gerry "da Canoli" Connolly (D-11-VA).  We need to retire these people in their next election.  Reid, Pelosi and "da Canolli" all face election this year.  I don't know about the people of Nevada and California but we Virginians are looking forward to giving "da Canolli" a pink slip in November.  We've found a great guy in Keith Fimian to run against "da Canolli" this year.  He's not a traditional politician but a true outsider, a Conservative and anti-abortion.  He knows the problems that businessmen face as he built a business from scratch and took it national.  He looks you in the eye when he talks to you.  I do believe that he's the type of guy we can trust in public office.  Let's get rid of "da Canolli" and put a man in office that will represent the people of Northern Virginia instead of calling the Capitol Police on them.

Check him out at  He deserves your support.

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