Friday, March 19, 2010

Senators push Obama for biometric national ID card

Americans have long objected to the idea of a National ID card and with good reason.  Why should we have a national identification card when we are free men and women in a country that is supposed to be the Land of the Free?

Now the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats, in concert with a liberal-progressive-socialist Republican, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are trying to implement a National Identification Card under the guise of "Immigration Reform."  They know that President Obama, the ultimate liberal-progressive-socialist, will back the measure and they intend to tout it as a way to ensure that only Americans are hired.

We already have a way to identify undocumented workers through verification of Social Security Numbers.  This is even required of contractors who do work for the federal government and for most state and local governments.  As Americans we don't need a "biometric" ID card to give us a right to work and that's what Senator Chuck-you Schumer and Lindsey "The RINO" Graham are trying are trying to sneak into legislation.

This idea of theirs is a direct assault on the freedom of all Americans and provides for more government intrusion into the private lives of the people.  It's time for The People to say enough.

Contact your Senators today and object to this travesty.  Do it now!

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