Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Pathetic God of Environmentalism

The Pathetic God of Environmentalism

I noted that one part of the Environmentalist Pledge includes the term "social justice." History teaches us that the same term was used by the Communists, by the fascists of Mussolini and by the National Socialist Party of Germany. (You do remember the National Socialists, don't you? They were commonly called Nazis.)

The use of "social justice" to justify the seizure and redistribution of power and wealth is a common thread connecting the three most totalitarian political movements of the 20th century. Unfortunately while it sounds so very fair, it is an essential part of a false manifesto whether in connection with a political or a social movement. It is essential precisely because it sounds so fair and reasonable yet it is used to justify anything that deviates from true justice: best exemplified by the blind handmaiden holding the scales upon which she weighs evidence without regard to social position, wealth, color or creed. Social justice takes all those into account and, ultimately, always rules in favor of the ruling elite.

That's what history teaches us. Pity our education system doesn't teach it fully and objectively.

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