Friday, March 19, 2010

Keith Fimian's Supporters Presence Noted at George Mason University Rally

This from the student newspaper at George Mason University.

The two most interesting points in the article are:

1.  The headline is misleading.  Obama could't fill the Patriot Center and the article notes that there were only about 8,000 people in the 10,000 seat auditorium.  This on a campus of about 30,000 students in a county that went for Obama in 2008.  Many of those that attended were obviously not students but Democrat activists from the Northern Virginia area but it shows that the luster of the Obama image is gone regardless of the endgame on Obamacare.

2.  Although another candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress was present along with his signs, the only candidate the student's noted was Keith Fimian.  Perhaps the Fimian supporters were a bit more enthusiastic during the rally?

Follow the link for the article.

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