Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Granularity of Climate Models

The Granularity of Climate Models

Common sense plus science is always an intriguing combination. The point of the linked article is simple: the climate models use by the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) fanatics were false and incapable of accurately predicting climate change despite the use of computer systems many times more powerful than those needed to take man to the moon and return. And common sense says that if they were false they were done that way purposely to achieve results "proving" that AGW or Climate Change was real to benefit the "scientists" personal ideals and beliefs rather than true science.

Our problem is that there are those, like AlGore, who looked at those AGW results and instead of shaking their heads in wonderment at the folly saw ways to make billions of dollars through schemes like Cap and Trade. As a result we have an Environmental Protection Agency that has ruled CO2 to be an environmentally harmful gas–another disturbing lack of common sense–and is poised to enact regulations that will destroy America's ability to compete among industrialized nations. All done with the dream of creating our own Pandora; but what will be realized will be more like that which came from Pandora's box than the fertile, intelligent jungle of Cameron's 3D movie.

(AlGore's dream, to be accurate, is not creating a Pandora but displacing Bill Gates on some sort of list. That, however, is another story.)

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