Friday, March 5, 2010

Email from Congressman Gerry Connolly, aka "Gerry Cannoli," D-11th District of Virginia

I received an email from my Congressman today. Representative Gerry Connolly, aka "Gerry da Cannoli," wanted to know what issues the people of Virginia thought were most pressing and asked that we reply by simply checking the boxes and hitting the appropriate button on the web page that the link opened.

Of course I was willing to help focus Congressman Cannoli's...sorry, I meant Connolly's, vision in the coming year. He really has trouble with focusing and paying attention to the point where I suspect he suffers from ADHD. The numerous times I have written him to point out objections to the House Health Care Bill, aka Obamacare Light, he always replied with the exact same information and ignored the information I had proffered. It actually appeared that the email was written by Speaker Pelosi but that is hard to say. It was probably written by one of her staffers.

After checking the boxes for "economy," "deficit" and "jobs" I decided to sit down and pen a short email to da Cannoli just so he would understand that the survey didn't provide all the options that we, the people, might like to check. This is what I sent:

Dear Congressman Connolly,

I just completed your survey which you so kindly sent via email. I was happy to help you focus your efforts. But unfortunately it didn't give the opportunity to rank the issues that we, the people, think are important.

Clearly the deficit, jobs and the economy, all of which I checked, are the most important issues that must be addressed in the coming year yet there is one more issue that we, the people, feel is of overriding importance. That issue is, of course, going to the polls in November and removing from public office any and all who have supported the proposed health care bill.

You've done an excellent job, Gerry, of representing the people of Nancy Pelosi's district in California; but you were elected to represent the people of Virginia. I look forward to seeing you in the unemployment line come January 2011 along with all the others who plan to support the government seizure of the health care industry.


Do you think he'll get the point?


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