Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why KSM's Trial Should Not be in Civilian Court

This is a perfect example of why Khalid Sheik Mohammad (KSM) should not be tried in civilian court in New York.

While society generally views lawyers with suspicion at best, there is a sub-segment of ultra-liberal-progressive lawyers that actively wish to destroy the United States. These individuals are willing to use their position and our lenient laws to further the destruction of the country that has nurtured them and provided them with opportunity. They are able to do this because they know we bend over backwards to protect the rights of the accused and they happily turn that benevolence against us, their own countrymen.

The linked report (just click on the title) is about one of them and the actions she took to further the cause of terrorism while representing her client in court in New York. Lynne Stewart deserves a special mention in the list of traitors to the nation and her initial sentence of just over 2 years was a travesty of justice. Thankfully the Appeals Court has seen fit to return that judgement to the judge with directions that he consider her perjured testimony and perhaps lengthen the period of incarceration. Unfortunately, she is not the only lawyer of this ilk. There are, unfortunately, all too many in the legal profession who will prostitute the law for fame and fortune. (Which makes me wonder as to which was actually the "oldest profession," but I digress.)

Although he has stated that he wants to represent himself, KSM will surely be aided by lawyers who hold Lynne Stewart in high esteem. Thus I can think of no better reason to block AG Holder in his attempt to move KSM from Gitmo to New York City. Actually, considering the stupidity of the move, I can't help but wonder if Holder is trying to aid the "Lynne Stewarts" of the legal profession in their quest to destroy America.

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