Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Westernized" Woman Allegedly Hit by Dad's Car Dies

I’m sure that you’ve read of this horrific event. A young Iraqi woman, 20-years of age, was run over and killed by her father. (Click on the title above to follow the link.) The reason for her death was that she had “become too Westernized.” The father acted to defend his family’s honor.

I see no outrage in the Main Stream Media (MSM) but I do see on the CNN website that Ted Danson says, “Shame on Rush.” And I see on MSNBC where the Phillies won and “Aaron Carter shines on ‘Dancing’.” But I see no outrage at the father violating the basic human rights of his 20-year old daughter through a medieval “honor killing.”

It is thoroughly disgusting that MSM kowtows to multi-culturalism to the point of soft-peddling such a horrific crime. If nothing else in this world is sacred, the bond between a parent and child should be and to turn a blind eye to honor killings because it would damage the advancement of multi-culturalism is so troglodytic that it should be a crime in and of itself.

One of the founding principles of our country was that we are all equal under the law and while the father will be punished, I am sure, the attitude of MSM surely contributed to the death of this young woman as certainly as did the actions of her father. The failure to condemn completely such horrific crime and to banner it in every headline sends the message to ethnic or religious ideologues that while it is against the law, “we understand.”

Understand? What is there to understand about a barbaric culture that intellectually and physically allows such a murder? What is there to respect about a religion that fails to condemn completely such actions? Multi-culturalism tells us we must accept the cultures of others to the detriment of our own. It tells us we must be ashamed of our own cultural heritage and hide or limit our own religious celebrations in order to provide a more inclusive atmosphere. In truth, multi-culturalism is the killer of this young woman as certainly as the man driving the vehicle that ran her down.

People who come to this nation should be encouraged to either accept our culture and live under it or return to whence they came. We should never demand that they forget where they came from, but we should require that they remember where they are.

Is that too much to ask? Or do we have to learn to ignore and accept honor killings because “it’s what they do?” Multi-culturalism would say “Yes” to both questions. It’s time to toss it into the dustbin of history along with other failed social fads.

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