Sunday, November 1, 2009

"We tax everything..." - Hillary Clinton

"We tax everything."

A meeting in Pakistan of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with senior Pakistani newspaper editors revealed the core principle of the Democratic Party since the time of FDR. During the meeting Hillary told the editors that Pakistan's tax base was too narrow and that in the United States, "We tax everything that moves and doesn't move." With that statement, Hillary clarified for all what our future is to be under a Democrat-controlled government.

The idea that it is wise or appropriate to take an ever larger percentage of the public's hard earned wages is at the center of the people's problems with the Obama Administration. Taxes are necessary and everyone should pay their fair share, but the liberal-progressives, i.e., Democrats, have long used them not to fund needed government programs but to redistribute wealth and buy the votes of the welfare class. To its' shame, the Republican Party has been little better especially in that they did nothing to reverse the course of liberal-progressive taxation policy.

Taxes are needed but they should be fair and equitable. Taxes should not be used to punish one group or favor another. All should pay taxes. Even Charlie Rangel and the members of the Obama Adminsitration.

Anyone in favor of a flat 15% tax rate for all with no exemptions and no deductions? I've heard it said that the government would actually gain income but I'm not a tax expert. What I do know is that the top 1% of our earners pay the bulk of taxes and over 40% pay no taxes at all. The basic unfairness of that is clear to all but those with left-wing glasses.

It's time for us to force our government to quit its' social experimentation and use our tax dollars more effectively. It's time to reverse the welfare, nanny-state, mentality that has brought us to the brink of fascist socialism.

What say you?

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