Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obamacare Fails Harvard » The Foundry

Obamacare Fails Harvard » The Foundry

This, from the Heritage Foundation, won't be found in the Main Stream (i.e., State-controlled) Media because it goes directly against the message being peddled by the Obama Administration. The fact is that doctors don't support a government take-over of the medical profession especially if they've taken the time to read the bill.

We do need improvements but you won't find the needed improvements in the legislation. The Democrats are loath to actually improve the system as that would require an assault on one of their main constituencies--the trial lawyers--as well as repeal of the exemption of health insurance from falling under the 14th Amendment thus allowing the individual states to stop interstate sales that was enacted under the Roosevelt Administration during WW II. What needs to be done first to bring down the costs is tort reform. Following that a bill repealing antiquated legislation that bars interstate sales of health insurance. Having the Federal Government take-over the health industry is a step down the path towards rationed care favoring the political elite rather than the people.

And no one epitomizes the "political elite" better than the liberal-progressive-socialists now in Washington.

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