Thursday, November 19, 2009

Islam Bashers Repent

Islam Bashers Repent

Are there Muslims who only wish peace? Yes. We mean them no ill-will and allow them to worship as they wish and live as our neighbors. We only ask the same; and we support them as they struggle to gain control of their religion.

And we wait patiently for their ascendancy so that they will lead their fellow worshipers away from the unconscionable violence that is wrought in their name on a daily basis. But while we are waiting, those who follow the violent dictates of the warlord called Mohammad are plotting to kill us.

I will pray that the peace-lovers ascend quickly and gain control of their religion in order that they steer it away from the violence that now consumes it.

In the meanwhile, I will stay prepared and ready for their next attack knowing that it will come as sure as the morning. They have detected what they perceive as weakness and "surrender" in the tone of the Obama Administration and have projected that weakness to all Americans.

That will be their mistake.

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