Friday, November 6, 2009

Inside the Beltway - Washington Times

Inside the Beltway - Washington Times

Michael Savage may be over-the-top in his political commentary on the radio but then again he lives in one of the most liberal areas of the country. His stridency is surely enhanced by his having to face innumerable liberal-progressives on a daily basis. The attack on his freedom of political speech by Media Matters is, however, the norm for the left. Liberal-progressives actually function as fascists when in power and their absolute belief that they are the true holders of all that is good and right blots out all common sense and overrides any adherence to the Constitution save that which might advance their own cause.

It is highly unlikely that the Obama Administration will take any action on Savage's behalf. They consider him, and all others who don't worship the Dear Leader. to be an enemy who should be silenced by any means possible. President Obama's roots have been clear for anyone to see since long before he was elected. Unfortunately the Main Stream Media (MSM) completely ignored who Obama really was and became state-controlled media to further his liberal-pregressive-socialist agenda. The MSM, like Media Matters, cares not for your personal freedom but only for the freedom to express their own viewpoint that America is bad.

I don't listen to Michael Savage but I hope he wins his battle because the battle he fights is for us all.

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