Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ft. Hood Terrorist - Was He a Member of Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team?

I received an email today pointing me to page 29 of the linked pdf and sure enough, the name Nidal Hasan appears there as a representative of "Uniformed Services University School of Medicine". Is it the same "Nidal Hasan?" We must know as soon as possible.

The President has called for a delay in the legislative investigation into the matter--something I would normally support in order to keep politics out of the investigative process--but now I believe that the Senate should start looking into this matter immediately.

Logic dictates that there must be full disclosure by the White House in this matter for now it looks like a terrorist had input to the nation's Homeland Defense planning for the Obama Administration.

If the Ft. Hood terrorist did have input then the Groveler-in-Chief has gone from just plain stupid in foreign affairs to really stupid on Domestic Security.

What do you think?

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