Monday, November 2, 2009

AlGore: The Ruling Elite and Global Warming

I've said before that AlGore established and fertilized his religion of Global Warming for the basest of liberal-progressive motives: profit. Now the New York Times (click on the title for the link) has finally discovered the same thing: AlGore stands to profit greatly if Cap and Trade is pushed through.

The deceptions of the current Global Warming/Climate Change activists are legion and well documented thus need no reiteration here. But while we are battling the liberal-progressive-socialists on the health care front, we still have to worry about them slipping Cap and Trade or, more accurately, Cap and Tax, through the Senate. The legislation is ill-conceived and dedicated to destroying America's standard of living. It's proponents in the ruling elite of the liberal-progressive-socialist Democratic party will certainly escape the onerous financial burden because they have positioned themselves to profit from the passage of the legislation. Their willing disciples, cleverly recruited mindless zombies who act "because it feels right" rather than from common sense, will bear the burden willingly out of their sense of "rightness" and the knowledge that someone else is footing the biggest portion of the bill. (It’s easy to be a socialist when it’s other people’s money.)

The losers will be the working families of middle America whom are disdainfully looked upon as "milking cows" by the liberal-progressive-socialist political elite. You, me and our neighbors will foot the bill and like it because our betters have told us we must or the earth will die. The hypocritical deception is almost criminal and is typical of the modern day liberal-progressive, left-wing Democratic party. They believe that they should rule over all because they know what is best and the rest of us are merely serfs good for labor and nothing else. This is nowhere clearer than their view of the Tea Party movement and the just-plain-Americans who went to Washington and other venues all over the United States to vent their dissatisfaction over the Administration's proposed programs. Instead of looking at a true political phenomenon and understanding that they were on the wrong track, they pejoratively called the regular, every day Americans "Tea Baggers” and “Nazis” and intimated that they were paid to be at the demonstrations. Their willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media assisted by purposely underestimating the crowds, repeating the insults from the liberal-progressive playbook and portraying the participants of the Tea Parties as “un-American.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our democracy allows for this rough-and-tumble political play but that doesn’t make it proper. And when the goal is to unconscionably increase the role of government in all parts of American life, it is downright evil and related to every authoritarian regime that has ever existed on earth. America was founded on the premise that government worked for the people. Liberal-progressives operate on the premise that the people work for the government and that the government is the only means to ensure that everyone is equal. They refuse to realize that equality comes from our Creator and that all any government can do is provide for opportunity.

AlGore and his crowd now want to take us down a road that will help destroy America. They are ashamed that America is great and are willing to sacrifice the greatness in order that people from other nations will like us better.

What they don’t realize is that the one in first place, whether it is a baseball team, a football team, a basketball team or a nation, is always hated by those who aspire to be #1 themselves. America is better judged by who are its enemies, as opposed to the standard proposed by President Obama. Popularity among nations means only that other countries see us as an easy mark that will not challenge them as they pursue the best interests of their own nation-state. Their best interests are usually not in the best interests of the United States but to liberal-progressives that is not a problem. After all, they are ashamed of being who they are: Americans.

AlGore’s pursuit of greater wealth—he is already very wealthy—is not the problem. It is the deceptive manner and way in which he has mobilized an entire political party and all its most radical minions to gain that wealth at the expense of the greater population of our country. If Cap and Trade is passed AlGore will become more wealthy without having produced anything other than a huge lie.

Just as we must defeat the seizure of 1/6th of the economy by the federal government under the guise of “Health Care,” we must also defeat the redistribution of wealth that will occur if Cap and Trade passes.

Make sure you vote and ensure your elected representatives know very clearly where you stand on the issues. It is important.

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