Saturday, March 6, 2010

RACIAL PROFILING ALLEGED: Muslims criticize Henderson police tactics

CAIR always criticizes any police activity that involved Muslims as part of a strategy to make law enforcement wary of interacting with Muslims.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to provide all Muslims with an perceptible exemption from normal law enforcement activities because their religion places them in a special class.  The overall goal is to carve out a permanent Muslim exception to any law but shari'ah within the borders of the United States and eventually be able to force their Islamic will on the kaffir that are the citizens of this nation.

I would hold that it is not for us to bend to the Islamic will but for them to accede to ours if they want to be in our country.  Otherwise, they are free to return to whatever country they came from.  They may, of course, freely practice their religion here in the United States but just like anyone else, they must be prepared to answer for their actions, and the actions of their co-religionists, when those actions arouse the suspicions of non-Muslims.

If CAIR truly wants to prevent non-Muslims from being suspicious it could spend more time condemning the fundamental Islamic terrorism that goes on around the world at the behest of half-crazed Imams. When their religious leaders quit calling the United States "the Great Satan" and quit calling for the complete eradication of Israel and all non-believers then, and only then, will they be able to worship in a parking lot in Henderson, Nevada, and not arouse suspicion.

Until then it is on CAIR's back and not on the back of the American people.

Follow the link for the story of a reasonable police interaction with Muslims who probably hoped to provoke this exact reaction.

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