Sunday, March 7, 2010

Imagine No God in Our Nation’s Classrooms

"In God We Trust"

This post seems especially appropriate today and in this time.  Many, including our President, have forgotten that we are a Christian nation established by the Founding Fathers using Christian principles.  To say otherwise is nothing more than a lie.  And that is what Obama did when he said in a speech to Muslims that America is a "Muslim nation."  He lied and he knew he lied.  We are a Christian nation established with a Constitution that acknowledges God and allows the free exercise of all religions.  That is very unlike Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia where mere possession of a Christian Bible is a violation of the law.

Sadly, there are today those who sit in positions of power, like Obama, and positions of imagined power, like the school board in the linked blog, who believe otherwise and deem it appropriate, even proper, to disparage our Judeo-Christian heritage.  And to add insult to injury, they stupidly did it to avoid offending Muslim students.  It's as if the liberal-progressive-socialists have already decided that it is better to surrender and become a dhimmi than to be proud of our own heritage.  Doesn't the Left Coast remember who attacked us on 9/11?

Contemplate the sad intellectual state of the ruling elite that they would even contemplate such actions.  Think about the mentality that would purposely disparage our own culture for fear of making someone from another culture uncomfortable.  People of that mindset are to be pitied for their mental deficiency and despised for their actions.

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