Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guns Before the Court

Lest you wonder, I am for McDonald.  Draconian gun laws enacted by the liberal elite in Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles have done nothing to protect the innocent.  Instead they have made the innocent easy prey for the predators who do their business with clubs, knives and, yes, guns.  The theory that stopping honest people from owning/carrying guns somehow leads to fewer crimes is a falsehood that has been foisted on the public for decades by people whose minds live in an alternate universe.  It is time to incorporate the 2nd Amendment and apply it to all the states.

Reality is that predators do not obey laws against having weapons.  They have weapons specifically to break the law.  It is a human, unalienable right of men and women to defend themselves.  That right comes not from government, but from God.

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By way of disclosure, I spent 31 years in law enforcement and have been an NRA Life member since 1971.  I've never feared an honest man with a weapon and, because I was also armed, I've never feared predators either.

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