Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gun in Pentagon case came from Tenn. police - Washington Times

Gun in Pentagon case came from Tenn. police - Washington Times

It still amazes me how in the 21st century people, in this case the Left Stream Media under the guise of the Associated Press, can still promote the medieval belief that inanimate objects have an evil intent or will of their own. That the two guns came from the same geographic location–Memphis, Tennessee–is really immaterial and no more remarkable than people winning the Mega Lotto or the Power Ball jackpots.

Of course the medieval mindset is that all inanimate objects that have been involved in a crime have been irrevocably tainted and can never be trusted again for fear that they will take control of the person who touches them so that they can be evil again. It follows that they must be destroyed.  Of course, the only proof of this is the apocryphal beliefs of the liberal-progressive-socialists amongst us.

But then again, maybe that is why the Left Stream Media has strayed so far from the ideals of journalism. Maybe, just maybe, their theory is true; and, if so our only recourse is to destroy all the computers and word processors currently being used by the media. Or if destroying them is not possible, they must be doused with Holy Water to expel the evil, left-wing spirits that have seized control of the poor, mind-numbed reporters that use them daily.

When you think about it, this idea makes as much sense as the linked AP story.

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