Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The States Remember the 10th Amendment

The problem with Washington is that the people that are there represent their party rather than the people. If they were representing the people then there would not be a need for the Tea Party followers to demonstrate nor would there be the anger that has been displayed at open-to-all townhall meetings across the nation. (To be sure, little anger was displayed at the astroturfed townhall meetings favored by most of the Democrat leadership, including the President.)

When asked, the current crop of Democrats say that they are "leading the people." Herding with whips and clubs would be more accurate. And that's the way we need to treat them come the next election. If they are an incumbent who has ignored the will of the majority--which means all Democrats and not a few Republicans--then they must be sent home...preferably coated with tar and feathers.

That--the tar and feathers--is, of course, is a joke. A wistful, gut reaction, if you will, to the studious manner in which our Senators and Representatives have ignored our vocal opposition to Obamacare, increased taxes and increased federal deficit. The problem stems from the Democrat's definition of "leadership." When it comes to definitions we know from history that the Democrats have a hard time with small words like "is" so it shouldn't be a surprise that their definition of leadership is a far cry from that in the dictionary. The dictionary defines a leader as someone who leads by dint of his or her ability to motivate others to a course of action. The key is that people will follow a true leader.

With the Democrats, leadership is defined as taking a course of action regardless of whether the people are following or not for they know that when they get to where they want to be, the people's will shall no longer be important or germane. The ruling elite--the liberal-progressive-socialist elite--will be firmly in control, the people's will be damned.

We sometimes forget how important our local elections can be for if the Main Stream Media had its' way the only government they had to cover would be in Washington. But the Main Stream Media is wont to forget the Bill of Rights (unless, of course, there is something being done that might impact the freedom of their speech) and have never paid much attention to the 10th Amendment. It's time they did.

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