Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Justice rebuffs Panthers subpoena - Washington Times

Justice rebuffs Panthers subpoena - Washington Times

There is nothing good that can be said of Eric Holder until he leaves his post and then it will only be "good riddance!" He has studiously politicized the Department of Justice and, even more disgracefully, injected race into its' decisions in order to ensure "social justice." You know what "social justice" Is, don't you? That is when the law takes into consideration a person's ethnicity when a determination is made as to whether that person broke the law. Under Holder's Department of Justice, black thuggery in Philadelphia is not a violation of the Voter Rights Act. White thuggery would, I am sure, be a violation but the New Black Panther Party is immune.

You must remember that they were one of the first black--Harry Reid would use the term "Negro," of course--organizations to endorse Obama for president therefore they are untouchable.

This is the Chicago Way.

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