Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Democrats

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Democrats

As often as it happens it shouldn't startle or amaze me anymore; but why is it that when a liberal-progressive-socialist's sham "program" falls apart the only thing the can do is utter an expletive to those who point it out? This story is a case in point. AlGore's Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has been exposed for the fraud that it is and unless he can somehow get the Obama Administration to cram it down our throats as they did Obamacare, he and his cohorts won't make the billions that he'd planned on. His only rewards will, in the end, be a discredited Nobel Prize and an equally discredited Oscar for his sham documentary. (Yes, I know it's almost a toss-up as to which is the most prestigious award and I probably should have put the Oscar first.) Still, AlGore deserves all the rebukes he has and shall receive. His program is not for the benefit of anyone but himself despite his faux nobility. He is a huckster selling snake oil under the guise of saving the world and deserves the same send-off as the scam artists of yore: tar, feathers and a rail to be run out of town on.

But the intellectual dishonesty of the Democrats--the liberal-progressive-socialists--is not limited to Climate Change. We've seen it in huge baskets-full during the non-debate over Obamacare. In truth, the Democrat party is a party not of intellectuals but of intellectual dishonesty. They will tell you that they are doing something for the good of all when, in fact, it is good only for the ruling elite. In doing so, the Democrats, if nothing else, have made a most solid case for Congressional term-limits and the freedom of all Americans may well hinge on forcing politicians back to amateur status and out of the "career" status that they now enjoy.

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