Sunday, January 10, 2010

How The Media Have Mangled The Pro-Life Story

How The Media Have Mangled The Pro-Life Story

Although I already had fathered 5 children, I was never as involved with the medical care of pregnancy as I was with my 6th child therefore the modern medical technologies totally amazed me. I will never forget sitting in the doctor's office for my wife's first ultrasound and hearing, as well as seeing, the heartbeat of my youngest child who, at that time, had been conceived barely 6 weeks previously. At that moment I was awed by the power of God's mastery when He created life and I was absolutely certain of one thing: That baby was alive! She--the doctor stated with certainty that the high rate of the heartbeat meant a girl (and she was right)--was a living human being. For sure she was dependent on being in her mother's womb for at least another 7 months, but she was absolutely alive.

There are those who will dispute this by saying that life that is dependent on another life as a baby is in the womb is not the same as the life of a human that can survive outside the womb. I pity them for their failure to recognize that life just plainly is or is not. There is no line that can be drawn by any human, and especially by any human ordained "law," as to where life begins other than with that heartbeat. Without the heartbeat, there would be no life. With it, life simply is and all things attendant to that life are possible.

Abortions have existed for centuries as a way to end pregnancies. When the life of the mother is in jeopardy then there is, I believe, a justification that may be made for abortion. Similar arguments may be made in cases of rape or incest. But the fact of the matter is that abortions for these three reasons are a very small percentage of the abortions that are performed each and every day. The most common reason for abortion in the 21st century is convenience. The libertine lifestyle promoted by liberal-progressive-socialists requires that the convenience of the women be considered over the life of the baby that was created through the woman's lifestyle. Abortion, the killing of the unborn life, is a "right" we are told by those who want to fornicate without any responsibility for their actions. The pleasures of their hormonal drive are far more precious than the heartbeat that they may inadvertently create. Liberal-progressive-socialism, you see, does not promote individual responsibility for actions. Instead, it promotes a collective responsibility that absolves the individual of guilt and allows for the individual to do what "feels" right rather than what is right. There is a world of difference between the two.

Indeed, it is the liberal-progressive-socialist mentality that allows for the killing of a totally innocent human being on the grounds that it is in its' mother's womb therefore has no right to further life beyond the wishes of the mother; yet rails against the death penalty being applied to a criminal who purposely wasted his or her own life. Imagine, believing in taking an innocent life full of promise while sparing a life of wasted on debauchery and crime. Is there anyone else, besides me, who sees the dichotomy in this intellectual position?

I pity them. Not only are they taking a precious human life, they are depriving not only that life, but the human race, of all that that life might become. Could the baby be another Mozart? An Einstein? A Jefferson? We shall never know, for under the dictum of the liberal-progressive-socialist and Obamacare, that is not important. The hormonal urge is paramount.

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