Wednesday, January 6, 2010

American Thinker: Racial Spoils in Obama's America

American Thinker: Racial Spoils in Obama's America

One truth that Mr. Picard's thesis highlights is that the drive toward racial equality has been, and is, supported by people of good will of all ethnic groups. The drive to eliminate race as an issue in everyday life, however, has been entirely one-sided. As a white male I am offended when someone derides or denigrates a person of a different race. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true and the efforts of the Civil Rights movement have morphed from "We want equality!" to "We want preferential treatment for all time!" Thus we have Eric Holder dismissing charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia. Blacks, it seems, can't intimidate under Holder's view of the law because the law only applies to white voter intimidation.

This is not, I am sure, the post-racial America that was envisioned by the guilty white liberals who voted for President Obama. This is instead, a studied effort to increase the racial divide in America. The President's attitude was best expressed when the White House said, "We won. Get over it." Clearly President Obama's actions are not to usher in a post-racial America; but to put in place his cronies in true Chicago fashion, to ensure that the continuing division works to the benefit of the Democrat Party and the liberal-progressive-socialists that he really does represent.

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