Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little Company Praised by President Obama

Why is it that if liberals see the slightest hint of corruption in Republicans they are all over the news, red in the face and screaming about that politician's lack of integrity and how he or she should be out on the street immediately. When, however, there is a strong hint of corruption in Democrats, they smilingly dismiss the hint with something like, "Of course not!" or "There's nothing illegal there."

The double standard is part and parcel of the liberal-progressive-socialist way that we now call the Chicago Way. The current Administration is rife with ultra-left wing ideologues, scientific pretenders and law violators. It is friends with domestic terrorists, felons and people who generally hate America.

Is it any wonder that the people are mad?

Follow the link for a story on how Obama, et al., help their cronies.

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